Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Memorable One

Most photographers have that one photo they took at some point in their career that sticks out in their minds. While all photos are memorable, this one in particular brings back vivid detail of the day and memories tied to that image. I can think of that one photo for me and I can picture all the vivid detail in my head. This one photo brings memories of home back for me. I think of my mom and all the hard work she puts into her flowers. I think of those early morning/late evening Louisiana rains. Memories of Mom and I sitting on her patio talking about anything and everything.
The picture was taken in Louisiana on one of my visits home, on one of my mom’s flowers. The contrast in this image I think is what makes it always stick out in my mind as the memorable one. So which of your images is the memorable one for you? Here is mine, I hope you enjoy.


Katy Marie said...

Our photographic perspectives are incredibly similar. I absolutely love your close-up work.

Angel said...

I noticed that as well. Thank you.