Monday, April 27, 2009

First Official Model In You Photoshoot

Last Sunday, Dave and I had the honor of kicking off the MIY project individual sessions with Malcolm. I've known Malcolm for a bit so we are fairly comfortable around each other. It also helps that Malcolm and I are both from Southern Louisiana, so we never have trouble finding something to talk about! Malcolm did great in front of the camera. He also brought us several outfits to choose from which is certainly a blessing.
We really had fun running all over downtown Bloomington taking pictures. My son Armond tagged along and scouted out a few good locations for Dave and I.

Check out the photos from this weekends shoot and please give both Malcolm and myself some feedback!

P.S.- For Mrs. Bihm (Malcolm's mother..I will get some graduation shots of your son sometime.) :-)



Elaina E. Bruhn said...

Very nice, very handsome!!

Ernest said...

Hey...that striped shirt looks rather familiar :)

Angel said...

I love that shirt! haha