Tuesday, April 14, 2009

St. Louis Weekend Safari

This Saturday, while I was in St. Louis to hang out with Shannon Lee, I had a little time to kill so I thought I'd check out the zoo. It had been a while since Chris and I had been there and we didn't have much time but we got to see a few things. If ever your in St. Louis, you should check out the zoo. (it doesn't cost anything) The sea lion was awesome, it was almost as if I had hired a bikini model. Let me know what you think.


This tree was super cool! It had flowers on the branches and on the bark.


Christy said...

I always love photographing at zoos. The tree with the purple flowers are super cool.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! I like the zebra and tree brach pics the best.


Angel said...

Thank you both! It's nice to get some feedback.

Anonymous said...

I love the pretty purple blossoms!

Stephen Baird said...

very cool photos.

Angel said...