Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A New Twist on a Classic

About a month ago I came up with an idea for a project and asked my best friend Alysha to help me out. I gave her only the word "Medusa" and she ran with it! She called her stylist and in three hours walked out of there with an amazing rendition of Medusa's hair. (Thank you Allison, another good friend of ours!)
Unfortunately, mother nature was not smiling upon us that warm summer night. Within minutes of the sun going down, we got all the gear set up outside, get a few test shots and it starts raining. Due to this we were forced to scrap the Medusa idea and improvise.
Lucky for me Alysha is a awesome model and a classic beauty. She made the change from Medusa to pin-up seem effortless! Her tattoos and piercings give the photos that modern twist.

Alysha, thank you so much for posing for me!
Allison, thank you for helping to come up with a hair style solution for my hair brained ideas! Awesome work!

Alysha and her husband Roger are the owners of Graphic Flesh. They are award winning tattoo and piercing professionals. Check them out some time!

I hope everyone enjoys these!

A few test shots of the original concept. One of these days I want to try this shoot again but I don't know if Alysha will be willing to sit for 3 hours to get her hair done again.

And now the classic pin-up girl! I love the look the tattoos and dermals give the images.

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