Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Special Dog, Mojo

I introduced our dog Mojo on my blog when we first adopted him. It has since been over a year, since Mojo officially became a part of our family. For those not familiar with his story, we adopted Mojo after he was rescued from a puppy mill. He was a little over 3 years old when we adopted him and he had a slight bald spot where his little head would rub the roof of his kennel. His bald spot is now gone but the scars of the puppy mills are still alive and well. It does get a little better every day but we still have a long way to go.
As I said before, it has been over a year...closer to two years. He still will not play like the average dog would, he's scared of just about everything and he prefers to lay in my bed than to socialize with people (even the family he lives with everyday). He has a fear of dog toys, especially raw hide treats. He won’t potty in the grass he prefers the gravel in the back yard or the sidewalk when we are out for a walk. He doesn’t bark or growl, in fact he doesn’t really make a sound at all. Regardless of these things he has won a special place in our hearts and whether he knows it or not he is a part of this family.
Mojo has found things he does love....treats, our bed (as you will see in the photos), running around the back yard with my husband and son, his evening walks after dinner and of course doggie daycare (Paradise Pets).

I hope everyone enjoys these photos of Mojo and I hope his story might help someone else who may have just adopted a puppy mill survivor. Always remember that with patience things do get better.


He jumps in my bed and will make a mess of it just to get under the covers. On this particular Saturday, he was keeping me from making the bed.

It's such a tough life!

I love his little whiskers.

He has learned to shake with both paws! We are still working on sit.

I love his pattern.

This is Dharma, she was rescued with Mojo but adopted to another home. No one knew how bonded they were before their adoption. Fortunately I have become friends with the lady who adopted her and we occasionally get together so Mojo & Dharma get to see each other. It is so cute to see the two of them together!

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