Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brown Eyed Beauty- Eli

Last weekend a friend needed to cancel her appointment, leaving me with an opening. I really wanted to get some shooting in so I contacted the beautiful Eli. She and I had spoke about collaborating before but we had never met in person or really spoke of specifically what she was looking for in a shoot. In about 20 minutes of her arrival, we were sitting on the floor in my studio with clothes, makeup, shoes and jewelry laid out discussing outfit ideas. (you would have never guessed we had just
We had lots of fun and some good laughs! (it's a theme around my house...we love making people laugh)
One thing I know for sure is...the camera loves this lady!! I can't wait until we get to work together again. I'm already coming up with ideas of what that will look like, so be ready to see new work with Eli in the near future.

I hope everyone enjoys these. Leave us some love!


The next three shots remind me of a burlesque style....and yes she is clothed. :)


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e Richard Photography said...

Very nice Angel. Love the chair shot, great reflection from the floor. ~e

Angel said...

Thank you!

Eric- thank you so much! I love the panel board, the reflection gives a nice depth to the images.