Sunday, June 19, 2011

Special Project- Sneak Peek

This is the sneak peek for a project that is very personal to me. My son and my friend's daughter were the inspiration behind what provoked me to create the images in this project. The initial idea started about a year ago and I've been developing the concept behind it ever since. However a name for it still seems to escape me even thought he images are now complete.
The shoot for this project was yesterday and I was lucky enough to have my friend's daughter Ocean as my model. I think she was a perfect choice! I hope everyone enjoys the sneak peek. I will have more from this shoot soon and promise to give more detail behind what drove me to create these images.



The Page Turner said...

Angel this is so fantastic. Was your vision a Victorian Doll? You have such a gift. I cannot wait to see more from this shoot!

ravenzblizz said...

BEAUTIFUL! this picture is timeless. Perfect! Flawless...this is a very classy and well done pic...Wow Angel, keep up the fantastic work!

Rachelle Rushmore

Angel said...

Thank you both so much. I also enjoy hearing what people think of my work.
I plan on fully explaining the vision in my post next week. I will also explain the process I went through to plan it.

pennysallade said...

Will you post more pictures of Ocean?

Angel said...

Yes, once they are edited. I'm working on them as I have time.