Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crazy Days and Late Nights- Sneak Peek

These last few weeks have been super busy and hectic. I'm doing a lot of planning and preparing for the future of my business as well as editing shoots. Which you can guess led to the title of this blog...hahaha! We have had a lot of late nights lately but it's all for a good reason.
Last night I had another late night but I took break away from all the planning and editing to pick the camera up and do something new. Something different and creative! I promise more on all this planning I am doing soon! For now here is a peek of something new, different and refreshing....enjoy!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Mother and Son Day

Last week, I took a vacation day from work to spend time with my son Armond. We made plans to take the cameras out to Allerton Park in Monticello, Il and the stop at Moraine View State Park for some horseback riding.  I had heard so many great things about Allerton but had never made the journey out to visit which made it a perfect adventure for mother and son day.
Armond has been playing with cameras for a year or so now in Auto but is just showing interest in shooting in manual. We both agreed that the trip to Allerton would be a great opportunity to give him a photo 101 on the technical aspects of the camera. It was impressive at how quickly he picked the basics up and next thing I knew he was dialing the settings in himself and snapping away. It was really awesome to get to watch him work with the camera and really see him enjoying it. (plus it's not video games!! haha!)
After Allerton, we had an appointment with Double L Outfitter's to go trailriding at Moraine View State Park. It had been a really long time since I had rode and it was Armond's first time on a horse alone. He did great and we both really had so much fun. Our trail guide Paige was wonderful! I think next time I am going to try and bring the camera along, we rode in some really amazing spots. If your in the area and want something to do go check them out...we highly recommend it!

Below are some of my shots from Allerton Park, there are more on my Facebook page. Things have been really busy but I'm hoping to get some Armond's up here in the newt week or so.

Armond- thanks for hanging out with me and spending the morning shooting with me!


He looks good with a camera in his hands...haha!

I could walk this path's just so gorgeous here.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Allison and Julian

Allison and I have known each other for several years so when she asked me to take photos of her and her son Julian I was really excited. Her son, Julian is an amazing young man. He had his mom and me laughing so much during this session. We really had a great time with this shoot!
One thing that was evident during this session was the bond between mother and son, both invisible and visible.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mother and Son- Allison and Julian Sneak Peek

Tonight I had the opportunity to photography my dear friend Allison and her handsome son Julian. I had a great time with these two! Here is their sneak peek. More coming soon...


 For Julian

Monday, July 11, 2011

Paradise Pets Foster Dogs

Last Saturday, I went to visit Paradise Pets Hotel and Day Spa to take a few photos of the new foster dogs. It's always a treat for me to get to spend time with the adoptable dogs.
If you are looking for a furry companion, please visit the foster dogs at Paradise Pets. They have some wonderful dogs. You won't regret giving one of these amazing animals a new home. I know we haven't (and we have 2)!

For more photos or information about their services, check out Paradise Pets  Hotel and Day Spa on Facebook.






Saturday, July 9, 2011

Congrats to Cari and Matt!

These last two weekends have been wedding filled and I did not mind one bit. Actually these weddings are very dear to me since my last two brides (Jessie and Cari) are both friends of mine. I actually met Cari through Jessie, both of them have modeled for me and they both chose to get married in back to back weekends!

Cari and Matt's wedding was at the Marriott in Normal, IL. If you haven't had a chance to check out it's amazing and has plenty of great photo locations.

Cari and Matt- Congrats on your new life together as husband and wife! Best wishes!


Cari- You're so pretty! ;)

They are adorable together.

Cari's best friend.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Congrats to Jessie and Josh

It was amazing to get a chance to be a part of Jessie and Josh's wedding day. These two are such an adorable and loving couple. Their outdoor ceremony at the Davis Lodge was truly beautiful and we were fortunate that the rain stayed away!
It really was an honor being a part of their day. Jessie and I became friends a few years ago when I was trying to build my portfolio. She used to patiently sit or stand for hours while I tried different lighting ideas. I have to say this made the wedding day photos even easier because she knew just what to do and what to

Jessie and Josh, we wish the two of you all the best. Congrats on your new life together as husband and wife.


The guys!
The girls!

The girls being silly! This group of girls really were so much fun! They even put up with the wind and blowing hair and dresses to have some fun images.

Jessie and Josh were such a gorgeous bride and groom.

We now know where Jessie gets those beautiful eyes from...Mom!!

Jessie's Dad pulled me aside shortly after I arrived to ask me to make sure I took a picture of him giving her the gift he got her. It was just so sweet seeing the two of them sitting together talking while she opened the gift. She was hoping for the keys to his motorcycle but she got a beautiful necklace instead.