Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Summer Days

A couple of times a year my friend and fellow photographer Scott Harrison comes to town. We always try to get together to hang out, do some shooting and share some photo tips. Our styles are different but it's still always fun to collaborate and work together.
This time our model was Carly. Scott had met her on his last trip here and lucky for us she agreed to pose.
Carly was everything in one package, beautiful, fun and easy going. I'm happy to say that she and I are planning to shoot together again in July sometime.

I hope everyone enjoys these!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daytona and Thomas P

This Saturday I had the honor of photographing to beautiful senior kitties named Daytona and Thomas P. Their mom was really nervous about this session because Daytona is usually really shy around new people but he seemed to adjust well to me being in his home. I did everything I could throughout the session to keep Daytona at ease with me since he is not feeling well these days. It's hard to tell from his photos because he is such a handsome boy.
His brother Thomas P was the total opposite being a huge ham and even playing with his favorite toy (a plastic bag). Unlike his brother, Thomas was all about making me work for his photos and sweat it out in the un-airconditioned sunroom. No matter how hot it was, this little guy had my undivided attention as he batted around his ball and stretched out for a good petting on the couch.
To date I haven't done many pet session in clients homes but I have to say this was one of my favorites. Being able to capture photos of them in their own environment, with their own toys was more enjoyable than being in the studio or even outdoors. Through the whole session the boys mom told me stories of their younger years which really meant alot to me and helped me capture images of them that their mom and dad can cherish for many years.

I hope everyone enjoys these.

Mom, who is this lady and what is this thing she is pointing at me?

Thomas P
Yummy food...

I see you...

You can stay but I'm going to take a nap now.