Friday, July 27, 2012

The Doggie Diva- Zooey

I've always loved the look of pugs but have never had the opportunity to spend much time around one. That opportunity came last weekend when I photographed the adorable Miss Zooey. I have to say that this little girl has won me over to the world of the pug breed!
Zooey is beautiful and smart. Having been through training, Zooey had several tricks to show off for the camera too.
We started the session in my studio, once the little diva had enough of that space we moved on to a park nearby for some outdoor shots.
Zooey's facial expressions just amaze me. All breeds have facial expressions but I have to say the pug breed has to be one of the most expressive that I have encountered. I think it's the little buggie eyes and wrinkles that help with the expressions. What do you think?


I love the curly pug tail and how they can control it.

I just love the structure of their little faces...wrinles and all!

What a smile!

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