Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jake and Milo- The Handsome Duo

These two little Papillons were not born brothers, however you would never know that to look at them. Not only do they look similar but they go everywhere together. While their looks are similar their personalities are completly different- Jake is very outgoing whereas Milo is more shy.
I think Jake is for Milo what my dog Monty is for my rescue Mojo. Monty is Mojo's sense of confidence and security, he helps teach Mojo what it's like to truly be loved and cared for by a human. I noticed this a little with Jake and Milo and I can say first hand that these two boys get no shortness of love from their mom!
Jake and Milo were fun to spend time with and fantastic little doggie models. How could you not be when you look like these guys?! :)


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