Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Three Little Frenchies

I was so excited for this photo session. I have known the pup's mom for a while and we have been talking about doing a photo session but our busy schedules never seemed to allow for it. Finally the stars aligned and we were able to get a date set.
When their mom told me they were thinking of doing a family photo in Chicago Bears jersey's, I knew I had just the right thing. A few months ago I got a small dog Bear's jersey as a prize from Petco...just the right addition for this session! I wish you could have seen their faces when I pulled out the little Bears jersey for Bam to wear. It was perfect!
These three little French Bulldogs were the cutest. Wrigley was Mr. Mellow, Sissy was the attention hound that always wanted attention and Bam has the precious puppy personality; super cute but always up to something. All three were just so sweet and a lot of fun.


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