Thursday, October 25, 2012

Forever Friends- Frank and Trafford

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.“ -Randolf, G.
Frankie and Trafford have lived together with their mom for seven and a half years. These two have been with her through many stages of her life and her through theirs. They are bonded not only to her but also to one another. This was very evident when we went out last weekend to Ewing Park for a photo session.
I always love that first meeting with a client and their pets and this had to be one of my favorites. In this case, Trafford was the ever curious protector while Frankie occasionally needed reassurance from his mom. Once he had reassurance he would perk up again and his curiosity would kick back in.
The strong bond between Trafford and Frankie made photos of them together really easy. It was probably more challenging to photograph Frankie without Trafford by his side. Without Trafford there he would lose his confidence and his ears and tail would drop. Frankie’s bond with his mom also gave him a lot of confidence. When he would hear her voice, his little pug heart would just melt and his tail would start wagging and his ears laid down.
When their mom contacted me about the session, I have to admit I cried. She described the pups relationship and that sadly, Frank was recently diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer. I always set out to create great images and capture the subjects true personality but through that email…suddenly it had a whole new level of importance. I had to capture some great memories and truly convey Frank and Trafford’s bond for their mom. I hope I was successful.


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