Friday, November 30, 2012

Pip, Beauty and Ronnie

I had the opportunity to travel out to Blackstone, IL to photograph three beautiful horses. Pip, Ronnie and Beauty had to be three of the friendliest horses I have ever met.
The goal of the session was to capture a couple of nice shots of Pip, the handsome Peruvian. Peruvian horses are not very common in the US so it was quite an honor to meet and photograph him.
Beauty was the other amazing sight to see. This gorgeous blonde Appaloosa is a rescue. Her owner adopted her from Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society. Beauty was found in a barn starved with a saddled blanket on to hide how skinny she really was. When her blanket was removed they found she had sores on her back from how long the blanket had been  there. Looking at her now you would never guess she came from that life. She is happy and healthy, running and playing with her barn mates.
Ronnie, he was just the sweetest fellow. The whole time we were near the barn he was right by my side begging for attention.
I have to admit I was a little worried at first because of the cold and grey skies but watching the horses run across that field made me completly forget we were freezing out there...well until I looked at poor Bayla (the resident pup) and she was shivering in her winter coat.


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